Welcome aboard the Tall Ship - Julie Burgess

A ship of significance to Australia’s Maritime Heritage.

Enjoy a unique experience and embody the spirit of adventure on board the Julie Burgess as you sail out to Inspection Head/Long Reach from York Cove, George Town.

Feel the boat move to the forces of the sea, listen to the wind in the rigging and be refreshed by the sun and the bracing clean air.

An experience not to be missed!



  • Public sailing to Inspection Head/Long Reach and return to York Cove, George Town.
  • Saturday 16th March - 10:30am & 2:30pm
  • Sunday 17th March - 10:00am
  • Fares - $50.00 per person. Limited numbers
  • Duration approx. 90 mins.
  • Open for inspection when not sailing. Cost $1.00 per person.

Full sail on The River Derwent

Very knowledgeable staff members and a well set out display. I would not have gone in but my partner thought it would be good and he was right; I found it interesting.

Jay Wood