The Admiral had many lives. She was converted into a steam launch and operated on the River Derwent. During a number of refits, she was re-engineered and had a counter stern added. Later, she was converted to a fishing boat and called Myra.

In 2006 she was discovered abandoned in NSW by John and Sue Dikeman, and arrangements were made to transport her to Hobart where she arrived in early September 2006 to begin her restoration.

A group of interested people, mainly previously associated with the Norfolk project, met with Bern Cuthbertson to form a body called the Admiralty who were responsible for the funding and restoration of the boat to its original design. A team of 9 volunteers worked to dismantle, restore to give life to the vessel in its original form.

The restored Admiral is now on display at the Bass and Flinders Centre.

Bass and Flinders knot chart

Absolutely interesting place, I recommend the center

Rhonda Mayo