In 1998, the Tasmanian Qulting Guild Inc undertook a challenge as part of the 200-year anniversary, to produce a collection of quilts that depict what Bass and Flinders saw on their 1798 voyage circumnavigation in the Norfolk.

View our quilting exhibition upstairs alongside the Admiral, 1865.

The quilts traveled extensively as a suitcase exhibition before finding a permanent home in our museum.

Information on our quilters can be found below.

Fifteen quilts that tell a tale through the view of a spyglass.

Sue Domeney

The wind was blowing out from the west...

Inspired by a TV news item in winter 1998 when the Mitchell Library, NSW, acquired at auction in London the letters written by George Bass to his family in England when he was exploring the Australian coastline. One letter to his mother describes the discovery of Bass Straits as 'a bay too big to be an estuary, it must be a strait... The wind was blowing from the west...'

Lillian Atkinson


Design inspired by images of Askraft Toile fabrics

Heather Groth


Design inspired by bull kelp seen on Bruny Island, and the view from our home.

Lee-Ann Stephenson

All At Sea

Design inspired by a painting by Brett Whiteley. Map design from an Italian map which Bass and Flinders would soon prove wrong.

Lorraine Wootton

Bass and Flinders visit to Port Dalrymple 3 Nov 1798

Design inspired by an old map, 1804, with details from Flinders's visit to Low Head and Port Dalrymple. Embellishments were made to depict 'what Bass and Flinders saw' through a telescope. Taken from Flinders journal.

Vonda Jeffrey

Foot Steps

Design inspired by an article titled Bass and Flinders challenges the oceans in tiny boats.

Maryl Cropper

King of the Island

Original by Maker.

Tiny Kennedy

SE Turning Point

Design inspired by Flinders log of the Norfolk which says 'Jan 3 1798 - Passed Cape Raoul and rounded Cape Pillar and Tasman Isle Jan 4 - Islands. Photos in books Tasmania by L.L Durrant and R. Bennet in Ocean Classics.

Helen Dixon

The unknown Coast

Design based on own ideas.

Helen Lane

Friendly Faces

Design based on own ideas.

Linda Stillman

What Bass and Flinders Saw

Design taken from multiple sources in the Somerset Primary School Library

Jenny Terry

Tasmania, a Jewel in the Southern Ocean

Design based on own ideas observations, pride and love of Tassies beauties, the seasons, moods and special beauties of flora, fauna, and people.

Debbie Winzar

Looking throughout the spyglass

Original design, seeing the green mountains and clear sky's that belong to Tasmania through the spyglass.

Dorotea Hinrichsen

Bass Strait

Original design of waves on Bass Strait

Lauree Brown

The Norfolk Route

Design based on the track of the Norfolk between NSW and Van Diemen's Land explored by Matthew Flinders by order of HIs Excellency Governor Hunter 1798-9, available from the Launceston Community Museum.

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